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Connect User manual

Xeo System Components

Xeo Hub

The Xeo Hub is the control centre for the Xeo system. Signal sources such as tuners, receivers, CD players, TVs, streaming clients, network players, MP3 players, or computers are connected to it. Signals are sent via radio from the Hub to the speakers (or Xeo Link) where they are then played back.

Dynaudio Connect

The Connect is based on the Hub, sharing its form factor and offering the same analog and digital audio inputs including a USB input for computers, while adding Wi-Fi integration for the home network, Bluetooth connectivity for streaming from mobile devices such as smartphones, and 24/192 compatibility on the optical and coaxial digital audio inputs.

Xeo Extender

The Xeo Extender extends the reception range of the Hub/Connect. As a result, Xeo speakers or Link can be operated further away from the Hub/Connect.

The Xeo Link receives wireless signals from a Xeo Hub/Connect or Extender and outputs analog and digital signals from its connections. As a result, you can also connect active subwoofers, active speakers, or other components to the Xeo system.

Xeo remote control

The Xeo remote control can be used to turn the speakers on and off, change the volume, and select a Hub/Connect and its connected signal sources.

Xeo speakers

The active Xeo speakers receive the wireless signals from the Hub/Connect and play them back in optimal sound quality. They have an integrated amplifier and can be controlled with the Xeo remote control. Display elements indicate the operating state of the system and controls on the cabinet let you switch it on/off or change the volume without using the remote control.