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Connect User manual

Xeo Extender
Connections and control elements

Front plate

Reception status (1)

= connected to a Hub/Connect

= no connection possible

Transmission status (2)

= connected to a speaker or Link

= no connection possible

Id error (1+2)

= The same ID was selected for Hub Id In and Extender Id Out. This is not permitted.

Rear plate

Extender Id Out

Transmission ID to speaker

Select a ID. Select the same Id at the speaker.

Hub Id In

Reception ID from Hub/Connect

Select the same ID as the one on the Hub/Connect that provides the signal.


Connection for power supply unit

Connect the delivered Xeo power supply unit here.

Do not use a different power supply unit!


  1. Connect the Power socket to the voltage supply via the Xeo power supply unit.
    Do not use a different power supply unit!
  2. Select the same ID on the Hub/Connect and Extender for the Hub Id In. For example: Hub/Connect: Id = B → Extender: Hub Id In = B.
  3. Select any (other) ID on the Extender for the Extender Id Out. It may not be identical to the Hub Id In. For example: Extender ID Out = C