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Connect User manual

Dynaudio Connect
Connections and control elements

Front plate

Bluetooth (1)

= not connected

= connected

= pairing mode

Operational state (2)

= connection to a speaker, Extender, or Link

= searching for a connection

= no connection

WiFi (3)

= not connected

= connected

= access point mode

= WiFi booting / WPS mode (for 1 minute)

Rear plate – inputs

Aux in

Input for cable with stereo jack (3.5 mm stereo)

Connect devices here that have an output for the stereo jack.

Line in

Input for cable with RCA plug

Connect devices here that have an output for the RCA plug.

NOTE: If a device is connected in parallel at Aux in, only that device will be played back.

Optical In

Input for optical digital cable (Toslink)

Connect devices here that have an optical digital output.

Coax In

Input for electrical digital cable (coax)

Connect devices here that have an electrical digital output.


Input for USB cable

Connect your computer’s USB output here. The Connect will then work as a sound card.

Rear plate – other connections and control elements

Bluetooth Setup

Key for Bluetooth setup

Press to start Bluetooth setup (see “Bluetooth setup” section).

WiFi Setup

Key for WiFi setup

Press to start WiFi setup (see “WiFi setup” section).


Transmission channel

If you assign an ID, you can select the desired Hub from several Hubs using the remote control.

In addition, each ID has its own transmission channel: A = 2.4 GHz, B = 5.2 GHz, C = 5.8 GHz. If the transmission quality is poor or there is a disruption caused by other radio systems, changing to a different channel may produce an improvement.


USB service connector

For service purposes only.


Connection for power supply unit

Connect the delivered Xeo power supply unit here.

Do not use a different power supply unit!

Basic setup

  • On the bottom side of the housing set the broadcast mode of the Connect.
  • High Resolution: Resolution is set to 24 bit/96 kHz. In this mode just one zone can be used.
  • Multiroom: Resolution is set to 16 bit/48 kHz. In this mode, up to three zones can be used.
  • Set the Id switch on the rear plate to A, B or C.


  1. Connect your signal source to the appropriate input on the Connect.
  2. For a selection of signal sources and options for connecting to the Connect see the “Connection options for Hub/Connect” section.
  3. Connect the Connect to the mains voltage using the POWER connection and the Xeo power supply unit. Do not use a different power supply unit!
  4. Connect power to your speakers and power on speakers.
  5. Select A, B or C on your remote control. Make sure it matches to your settings on the Connect, either A, B or C.
  6. Choose input 1 – 4 on the remote control.

Bluetooth setup

Pairing is necessary when using a Bluetooth device for the first time. After a successful pairing, the Bluetooth device can be easily used as an audio source.

Pairing a device

  1. Press Bluetooth Setup on the rear plate.
  2. Within 1 minute accept the pairing on your device.
  3. From now on just select the wanted Connect A, B or C from the list of Bluetooth devices.

WiFi setup

Setting up WiFi is necessary when using a WiFi connection for the first time.

Setting up WiFi

  1. Press and hold the WiFi setup button for 3 seconds.
    Connect is now searchable from an external device.
    The WiFi light (3) on the front (see “Front plate” section) starts blinking slowly.
  2. Find Dynaudio Connect in your list of WiFi devices and connect to it.
  3. Enter into the address window of your internet browser and follow the setup wizard to connect to your home network.
  4. From now on just select Dynaudio Connect A, B or C from the list of Bluetooth devices (if not connected automatically) and select button 4 on your remote control for playing back via WiFi and streaming from DLNA.