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Connect User manual

Connection and operation

This section describes the connections and control elements for the Xeo components. Please contact your Dynaudio Xeo distributor if you have any problems with connection and start-up. Distributor addresses can be found at www.dynaudio.com.

Remote control

The Xeo remote control can be used to turn the speakers on and off, change the volume, and select a Hub/Connect and its connected signal sources. Commands will always apply to both of the speakers.


Muting the speaker

Press to mute or unmute the speakers.

Fixing the volume

Press for at least 2 seconds to set a high volume for the speakers (see owner´s manuals of the Xeo speakers).


Speaker on/off

  • Press to switch on the speakers.
  • Press for standby mode. Press for at least 5 seconds to put the speakers to sleep mode.


  • Press for at least 5 seconds to reset the speakers to the factory settings.


Volume control

  • Press or to raise or lower the volume level.

INPUT 1/2/3/4

Signal source

  • Press to select a signal source.


Selecting the Hub/Connect

  • Press to select one of the three possible Hubs/Connects A, B, or C.