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mai 30, 2018

Special Forty - “PROS: Truly outstanding sound performance. CONS: I don’t own a pair”

Go, get one! For the very first time, avforums has reviewed and awarded the Special Forty with 10/10 and a rare Best Buy Award – (the fourth award within the UK). The review takes you by the hand, presenting Dynaudio’s All-rounder in all its categories - design, sound quality and testing. The conclusion: “I’ve tried to find faults with the Special Forty, I really have. The problem is that it doesn’t have any.”
Our favourite quotes:

Special Forty in the living room

“The Special Forty has sensational bass. Not ‘good for a standmount’ or ‘decent for the money’ but genuinely brilliant.”
“everything the Dynaudio does is a simple, unburstable sense of joy.”
“The good news is though that the timing of the Special Forty has the precision of an atomic clock.”
"It has the mechanical resilience of a pro monitor - something that Dynaudio knows a thing or two about - but is built like high end furniture"

Link to the full review here