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août 10, 2017

STEREO absolutely loves the Contour 20

6 sur 6 stars

We think it is pretty safe to say that STEREO likes the Contour 20 speakers.

"Why," you ask?

Contour 20 in the room

Well, the bookshelf speakers are reviewed in the newly released September 2017 issue and received an marvellous sound quality level rating of 100%. In addition to the fantastic rating, STEREO has also included the Contour 20s on its exclusive 'Top Reference Compact Speaker' short list.

With a review like this, we couldn't help ourselves, so we have translated a couple of our favourite quotes for you to read:

  • "In every way a classy and complete loudspeaker, offering a fascinatingly natural, wide-imaging performance; a performance only compact by the speaker’s dimensions."
  • "Despite all its neutrality there was a personal, intimate note to it. Once a Contour 20 is fully run-in there is a total lack of artificial gloss or artifacts."
  • "The Performance is homogeneous and seamless and provides a very high level of authenticity."
  • "No doubt about it: With extensive effort and the know-how from decades, Dynaudio created the best compact Contour of all time. And that really means a lot!"

As always, we've found the link where you can purchase the e-paper version of the magazine, but remember that it's in German. Click here to purchase the entire Contour 20 review in STEREO.

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