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août 11, 2017

Contour 60 Review: Audio Esoterica

Contour 60 in the living room
  • The stripped-back quality of sound continues with the second track, Big Picture, and this time the acoustic instruments become more dominant in the mix, and Reid’s voice is recorded a little more naturalistically, giving the Dynaudio's the chance to shine even brighter, revealing even better the clarity of their reproduction.
  • We didn’t need to hear all 15 tracks to hear that the Dynaudio's delivered a perfectly flat and beautifully uncoloured midrange, but the joy of hearing a midrange so perfectly rendered ensured that we stayed glued to our seats and heard the entire album out anyway.
  • Thanks to the delivery of the Contour 60s you hear not only the positioning of instruments and voices across the soundstage, but also the depth of that stage.
  • When you put an enormous amount of time, energy and investment into any project you expect a pay-off, particularly when you’re a company with design and manufacturing skills, acoustic expertise and technical resources such as Dynaudio. So it’s no surprise that these new Contour 60s aren’t just good loudspeakers… they’re truly great loudspeakers.