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février 01, 2016

"These are some of the best powered monitors on earth".

That's basically how Game Audio 101 start their review of the BM5 mk III: "some of the best powered monitors on earth".

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Game Audio 101 have tried out a pair of BM5 mk III in connection with their article: 'Best studio monitors 2016'. And especially the BM5s stereo image was praised for its phase accuracy: 

"The stereo image is remarkably phase-accurate with a neutrality that makes them perfect for any serious audio work," Game Audio 101. 

BM 5

You can read the full BM5 mk III review on Game Audio 101

They finish off their review by saying: 

"The Dynaudio BM5 mk III are unmatched in their ability to reveal the entire sonic picture and will shine on any game audio work". 

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