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Dynaudio reviews

  • Music
    Music family in a red colour
    • 01 Avis


    Music Série

    Front of Music 7 in light grey
    Music 7
  • Emit 2015
    Emit family
    • 03 Avis
    • 01 Prix


    Emit 2015 Série

    Emit M10 in Black Satin

    EMIT M10: “Musically the performance is absolutely pitch-perfect”

    Shoutout to our little ones. HiFi Choice just granted another “Recommend”- badge to Dynaudio’s EMIT M10 two-way standmount speakers. Besides a big compliment to Dynaudio’s silk soft dome tweeters, nicely titled “the pleasure dome”, the review applauses the sound performance, especially speed and subtlety.

    Our favourite quotes:

    HIFICRITIC tries out the compact Emit M10,

    Last October, we introduced the new Emit series with the two compact stand mounter, Emit M10 and Emit M20, the floorstander, Emit M30, and the Emit M15C for movie lovers.

    The Emit M10: an insanely great speaker

    In a New York City Hi-Fi Shop, Steve Guttenberg heard something he really liked: an insanely great speaker for tiny rooms.

    Steve has owned and auditioned many Dynaudio speakers, but he still wasn't quite expecting the level of sound reproduction from the Emit M10s:
    Front of Emit M30 in black satin

    Great Danes? Bloody brilliant Danes more like.

    Home Cinema Choice have tested an Emit and Sub 600 5.1 system to find out if the new Dynaudio entry-level system can exceed its rivals in the class.
    Emit M20 in black satin
  • Contour 2016
    Contour family
    • 16 Avis
    • 01 Prix


    Contour 2016 Série

    Front of Contour 30 in Grey Oak High Gloss
    Contour 30

    HiFi+ Contour 30: “This is all the loudspeaker you’ll ever need.”

    The new review by HiFi+ pinpoints what Dynaudio did right – a lot. It not only praises Dynaudio’s love for precision and consistency throughout products, but also highlights all the details of Contour 30 that make it such a remarkable home speaker. Check out our favourite quotes below:

    You’ll forget all about time

    Audio Test Magazine from Germany has had its hands on the Contour 30. And, the magazine is pretty happy about them: “We fell in love.” We have chosen our favourite quotes from the review and translated them to English so that you can enjoy them as well.

    Countour 30 speaker review - These speakers can really boogie

    Scott Campbell reviews the Contour 30 in the new issue of Audio Esoterica. The Contour 30 has made customs and entered the ‘land down under.' Here, it has managed to impress reviewer Scott Campbell and fool two surprising, but nonetheless, Hi-Fi accustomed reviewers: his pooches…

    “That’s how a piano sounds like!“

    The new Contour series has taken the German reviewer community by storm with praise such as: "Danish Dynamite", "Absolute Spitzenklasse", and "The New Contour Sets Milestone".

    But the Contour isn't slowing down. In the new edition of the German Hi-Fi magazine Fidelity it is praised as more revolution than evolution - both technologically and aesthetically.

    Contour 30 loudspeaker review - Absolut Spitzenklasse

    One of the most popular German Hi-Fi Magazine, Stereoplay, has reviewed the all-new mid-sized Contour 30 – and it’s safe to say they were impressed: 62/65 points and a ‘Stereoplay Highlight’ title.
    Front view of Contour 60 in walnut light satin
    Contour 60

    The Contour 60 - A New Milestone

    The first review of our new Contour 60 has hit stands in Germany, as Matthias Boede has auditioned the 60 for STEREO – and he liked what he heard. STEREO gave the Contour 60 a sound quality level of 92% which was rewarded with an “Excellent” badge.

    The review is written by the renowned writer, Matthias Boede, who found new details in the otherwise thoroughly listened to Saturday Night by Red Norvo Quintet. As usual, we have translated our favorite quote from this excellent review:
    Front of Contour 20 in Grey Oak High Gloss
    Contour 20

    STEREO absolutely loves the Contour 20

    We think it is pretty safe to say that STEREO likes the Contour 20 speakers.

    "Why," you ask?

    The Contour 20 might be the last loudspeaker you will ever buy

    The Contour 20 receives 5 stars in The EAR review. Find our favourite quotes and link to the full review below.

    Glorious sound

    The Australian Audio Visual hub, AvHub, which comprises of some of Australia's leading hifi magazines has reviewed the compact Contour 20 loudspeakers. Below we have selected some of our favourite quotes from the review for you to enjoy.

    The Curved Heir

    British hifi magazine Hi-Fi Choice has reviewed the compact Contour 20 stand mounters. We have curated our favourite quotes from the three-page review for you to enjoy.

    A Heavenly Reference

    The Norwegian Hi-Fi magazine, Lyd og Bilde, call the new Contour 20 for a "heavenly reference loudspeaker" in their recently published review. Below, you'll find translated quotes from this wonderful review.

    Contour 20 review - everything a future classic needs

    “Wow!” was our collective outburst when we found out that image hifi – perhaps the most prestigious Hi-Fi magazine in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland - had cleared the front page for the Contour 20.

    Danish Dynamite

    A brand new Contour review has hit the streets in Germany, as the popular magazine, Audio, takes a closer listen to the compact stand mounter, Contour 20.
  • Special Forty
    • 11 Avis


    Special Forty Série

    Special Forty

    Special Forty - “PROS: Truly outstanding sound performance. CONS: I don’t own a pair”

    Go, get one! For the very first time, avforums has reviewed and awarded the Special Forty with 10/10 and a rare Best Buy Award – (the fourth award within the UK). The review takes you by the hand, presenting Dynaudio’s All-rounder in all its categories - design, sound quality and testing. The conclusion: “I’ve tried to find faults with the Special Forty, I really have. The problem is that it doesn’t have any.”
    Our favourite quotes:

    Special Forty – the full package

    Tonepublications.com just published a love letter to our Special Forty. The article reviews the speakers from top to toe, from unwrapping to music experience – the Special Forty’s got it all.

    The bookshelf speakers are praised for their gloss-coated design and outstanding sonic performance, granting it an “chameleon-like” ability to adjust to different music styles. But most importantly, these speakers truly promise amazing quality at a comparatively low price, summing it up as “a beauty within the financial reach of so many who prioritize music in their lives.”

    You can’t help but to fall in love

    The German hi-fi magazine, Audio Test, reviews the Dynaudio Special Forty anniversary speakers; falling in love with the stunning performance. We’ve collected our favourite quotes from the German review, translated them and shared them below:

    Worthy of its anniversary status

    Best Buys Audio & AV from Australia reviews our Special Forty hi-fi speakers; the birch veneer and their sound reproduction garnered high praise. We’ve collected our favourite quotes from the review below:

    Special Forty = Editor's Choice

    British Hi-Fi Choice reviews the Special Forty anniversary speakers, speaking words of praise and rewarding the speakers with a Editor's Choice award.

    Special Forty review: “Hyper-real voice reproduction”

    The German magazine imagehifi tests the Special Forty anniversary speakers in its latest issue. It’s another fantastic review of the Special Forty speakers, which is spread out over 10-pages in the magazine. We have translated our favourite quote for you to enjoy below.

    Chapeau and happy birthday: The Special Forty

    The German magazine hifi&records has reviewed the Special Forty anniversary speakers and found them worthy of the magazine’s front page. And with it’s easy to understand when you consider how well the speakers were received: "The Special Forty is one of the very best compact speakers in the company’s forty years history." You can find our favourite quotes below – and don’t worry we’ve translated them to English.

    Special Forty review on cnet

    Steve Guttenberg from cnet reviews Special Forty anniversary speakers. Read selected quotes from his review below.

    Special Forty review in Darko

    The Special Forty anniversary speaker impresses Darko for their sound and appearance in his review titled: "Beautiful furniture that sings: Dynaudio’s Special Forty." We have selected our favourite quotes from the well-written review below.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reviews Dynaudio Special Forty

    Rod Easdown reviews the Special Forty speakers for the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald. Find our favourite quotes from the review below and a link to the original review.
  • Xeo
    • 01 Avis


    Xeo Série

    Xeo 30
  • Focus XD (1)
    Focus XD family
    • 04 Avis


    Focus XD (1) Série

    Front of Focus 60 XD in Walnut High Gloss
    Focus 60 XD
    Front of Focus 20 XD in Walnut High Gloss
    Focus 20 XD

    "That’s what we like to call win/win."

    With its newly updated, upgraded firmware, the Focus XD series has never been better. The Australian online magazine, Man of Many, has put a pair of Focus 20 XDs to the test and liked what they heard. We’ve read the review and found our favourite bit of text for you to enjoy:
    Front of Focus 30 XD in Walnut High Gloss
    Focus 30 XD
  • LYD
    Half profile of LYD 7
    • 25 Avis


    LYD Série

    Left half profile of LYD 48
    LYD 48

    The balanced sound of LYD 48 gives quick and great results

    "The Dynaudio LYD 48 studio monitors and 18S sub combine to create a great-sounding four-way system. The transparent representation of the individual instruments of a song gives you a lot of confidence in what you're hearing when mixing, so that details can be nicely highlighted and you quickly get useful results."

    (Chris Pfeil, Amazona.de)

    An incredible, balanced sound at a great price

    "The LYD 48s offer an incredible, balanced sound at a great price, and are truly the flagship of a fleet of award-winning monitors."

    (Andy Jones, MusicTech Magazine)

    LYD 48 in short: Balanced and uniform sound

    "We definitely appreciated the sound we heard through this monitor - full and consistent - which I believe is the result of excellent engineering in horizontal development with the elegant choice of the symmetrical arrangement of the speakers."

    (Francesco Passarelli, MusicOff)

    Fantastic detail and on-point transient response

    "The detail in the top end is fantastic, the transient response is on point, and the low end is quite substantial while being well-controlled. If you’re shopping in this price range, you should give these a listen."

    (Brandon T. Hickey, Mix Magazine)

    LYD 48 Sound on Sound Review

    "The performance of the LYD 48 in the bass end was exemplary and I was very impressed by the level of definition and transient detail that it delivered in the mid and treble frequencies, even when the bottom end was shaking the metaphorical floorboards."

    (Bob Thomas, Sound On Sound)

    LYD 48 - The Best Bargain in Mid-Range Monitors Today!

    "My first impression when putting the new Dynaudio LYD 48 monitors on my speakers stands something along the line of “I’m back home!” They sound like the Dynaudios that I know and love, but there is also something much greater to them."

    - Don Gunn (TapeOp Magazine)

    Incredible Clarity in Sound in Any Space

    "In a small or large room, these monitors sound fantastic. They have a beautiful response and a clarity that needs to be heard. If you need to hear faults in your mix, the LYD 48s will certainly help you find them." - Rob Gee (Mixdown Magazine)

    LYD 48 Are Perfect for Placing Vocals in A Mix

    "I was very impressed how the LYD48s dealt with vocals. I like my vocals to sit in the mix rather than on top and I found I was able to achieve this with the LYD48s."
    LYD 5

    Professional Sound for Everyone

    “With the LYD 5 Dynaudio has clearly set an example, that a professional, transparent sounding studio monitor can be affordable for everyone.”

    - Fritz Fey, Studio Magazin

    Engineering Integrity Makes LYD Classy and Capable

    "Both the LYD 5 and LYD 8 are classy and capable nearfield monitors invested with thoughtful electro-acoustic engineering. They look great, their performance is up there with the best in their class, and that they’re relatively affordable only increases their appeal. (…) If you asked me, and I’m sure you did, to come up with one phrase to describe my feelings about the LYD monitors it would be ‘engineering integrity’.”

    - Sound on Sound
    LYD 7

    LYD 7 Excels at Low Volume Precision

    "Just as advertised, the Lyd 7 excels at low volume precision, making them perfect for smaller rooms and home studios."

    Great Precision at Low Volumes

    "I found that the LYD 7 offers great precision at low volumes. Basically, I missed no details in the sound compared to when listening at loud volumes."

    Pro-Level Precision at a Mid-Level Price Point

    "Altogether, Dynaudio has managed to create a speaker that delivers pro-level precision at a mid-level price point. This sleek and modern speaker is innovation at its finest and is an absolute joy to work on."

    - Jacob Roach, Sonic Scoop

    Recording Magazin Reviews LYD 7

    “All the possible settings have a subtle influence on the sound of the LYD 7. Everything else would have been a shame, because this can be said in advance: The LYDs sound magnificent.”

    Consistent Frequency Response through a Wide Range of Volumes

    "I did appreciate that the low end, and the frequency response overall, were consistent through a wide range of volumes — a valuable trait when evaluating how mixes will perform in the real world"

    - Kerry Rose, TapeOp Magazine

    Extremely Natural and Organic Vocals on LYD 7

    "My first impression of the LYD 7 was a detailed midrange with wide-open highs. I put on a few reference recordings to get the ball rolling, and was immediately drawn to its overall clarity across the entire spectrum."

    - Alex Hawley, Recording Magazine

    Absolutely Fantastic for Putting a Spotlight on a Mix

    "When it comes down to putting a spotlight on a mix, I thought they were absolutely fantastic. If you're looking for new monitors, put them on your short list."

    - Guitar Interactive

    Awesome Transient Response

    "I immediately noticed the monitors’ outstanding depth and imaging, including a rock-solid phantom center. The transient response was also awesome, and not because of peaky high-frequency reproduction; the highs sounded smooth and were non-fatiguing."

    - Michael Cooper, Mix Magazine

    Audiofanzine LYD 7 Review

    "The near-field monitors of the Danish manufacturer are back with a new name and finish, although they do bear a resemblance to the old BM series. (...) Fortunately, the audio performance is still excellent, and that's what really matters!"

    Future Music: LYD 7 Makes Mixing Easy

    LYD took part in a Group Test and finished only second to a pair of speakers at twice the price. Unfortunately the review is not available in full online, but here are the key takeaways from Future Music's review:

    "The focus is on a meaty mid range that doesn’t turn harsh, making it easy to mix less forward elements, especially reverb tails, quickly and audibly."

    Among other mentions are "solid stereo image with good off-axis response" and "excellent bass".

    Amazona on LYD - All Pros No Cons

    The German online magazine Amazona.de gave LYD 7 a thorough test and concluded that they simply sound amazing and especially considering how great they perform, the price is very moderate.

    Audio Media on LYD 7: Commendable Vocal Clarity

    Audio Media International tested the LYD 7 personal reference monitors and found vocals to have commendable clarity regardless of the source, including Alison Krauss, Tony Lewis and ZZ Top.

    Pro Tools Expert LYD Review: Near Field Size. Main Monitor Sound.

    Pro Tools Expert took the entire LYD studio monitor in for a detailed review. As James Ivey points out, each model shines in its own way and is ideal for significant purposes.
    Half profile of LYD 8
    LYD 8

    Resident Advisor: Excellent Clarity Even at Very Low Volumes

    "The bass on the LYD 8s is excellent. It was never cloudy or woolly and, in fact, revealed some of the flaws in my own audio interface converters. The high-end is equally impressive, with excellent clarity even at very low volumes. (...) It allows you to make decisions faster and move quickly through the mix process, a benefit that cannot be overstated."

    MusicTech LYD Review: Exceptional Degree of Clarity

    MusicTech put LYD 5 and LYD 8 on the review test bench and receives a 9/10 rating, earning a genuine MusicTech 'Choice' recommendation.

    Bonedo Considers LYD a Genuine Danish Delicacy

    German online magazine, Bonedo, reviewed all 3 LYD models. In short, they conclude that LYD preserves the classic Dynaudio virtues: The design is modern, the standard of craftsmanship is high and the sound is immaculate and very transparent.
  • Sub
    Half profile of Sub 6 in white
    • 01 Avis


    Sub Série

    Half profile of Sub 3 in black
    Sub 3
  • Xeo
    • 02 Avis
    • 01 Prix


    Xeo Série

    Black Xeo 2 Best Active Speaker of the Year at What Hi-Fi awards
    Xeo 2

    "A wireless speaker for the most discerning audiophiles."

    Let that linger for a minute: “A wireless speaker for the most discerning audiophiles”. That’s how CNET’s writer, Steve Guttenberg, starts his brand new review of the Xeo 2.

    "The best thing: how frustration-free they are"

    Hi-Fi magazines are not the only ones who love the Xeo 2, the Australian lifestyle publisher, HEY GENTS, have auditioned the Xeo 2s, and they are absolutely in love with them:

    New Xeo 2 Review in ConnectedHome

    The Xeo 2s have made their rounds in the Australia reviewer community. This time, Stephen Dawson from Connected Home has taken a look at the Xeos. And, as he confesses: they left him confused.

    Rhapsody in Bluetooth

    "The new Xeo 2 has arrived and looks to be every inch the kind of do-anything, put-anywhere wireless speaker that shows what could, should and will be," Hi-Fi Choice.

    "Punch a higher floor with the Dynaudio Xeo 2"

    The online publication Digital Audio Review, or DAR for short, has road tested the Dynaudio Xeo 2 loudspeakers – a review filled to the brim with praise.

    ”I don’t believe in frettin’ and grievin’”

    The compact wireless Xeo 2s continue to audition around the world. Now, Audiostream has looked at our most convenient loudspeaker to date.

    Sydney Morning Herald reviews Xeo2

    The Australian newspaper, Sydney Morning Herald, has reviewed our Xeo 2 speakers for its Digital Life section. The verdict is in - and it's good.

    Xeo 2 Review in Sound + Image

    When introduced in November 2015, the Xeo 2 became our smallest, active loudspeaker.
    Half profile of Xeo 4 in White Satin
    Xeo 4

    The Audiophile Apartment reviews Xeo 4

    The Audiophile Apartment is for all of those living in smaller spaces looking for small and stylish sonic solutions that fit their home. This time around the Audiophile Apartment has narrowed in on the Xeo 4: a pair of compact wireless speakers.​

    XEO 4 - AudioStream

    "The Xeo 4s and Xeo 6s need just two things from you—a source(s) and power.
    That's it.
    That's all you need for a complete Hi-Fi. Interested?"

    Xeo 4 & Xeo 6, STEREO, November 2014

    "At this years’ High End Show in Munich Dynaudio had the surprise effect on their side: While others proudly presented their first wireless speakers with hifi ambitions, the Danes already called in the second round. The pioneer of digital active wireless speakers is keen not only to keep the pole position, but to stay even further ahead."

    The Xeo 4 "reaches lower, sounds slightly softer yet cleaner. Also, the bass can be adjusted to the room requirements. Worth every Cent!” Result: “Outstanding"

    Xeo 4, AUDIO, October 2014

    "Distinctively expressive and vital sounding compact speaker with good, strong bass and finest timbre. Exact sound-staging. Despite sounding open it never becomes obtrusive"
    Left side of Xeo 6 in Black Satin
    Xeo 6

    “These speakers will blow you away"

    9 out of 10. And, a 'Trusted Reviews Recommended' badge. That's the result of Trusted Reviews test of the wireless Xeo 6 floor standers.

    Xeo 6 review in The Computer Audiophile

    “Great sound quality, no cables, no separate digital to analog converter, no separate amplifier(s), and no digital source component within view is enough for me to suggest you “add to cart” given the opportunity.”

    Xeo 6 Review in Sound & Vision magazine

    Sound & Vision awards the Xeo 6 the publication's “TOP PICK” designation, and rating it’s performance and build quality as 5-stars.

    Xeo 4 & Xeo 6, STEREO, November 2014

    "At this years’ High End Show in Munich Dynaudio had the surprise effect on their side: While others proudly presented their first wireless speakers with hifi ambitions, the Danes already called in the second round. The pioneer of digital active wireless speakers is keen not only to keep the pole position, but to stay even further ahead."

    The Xeo 4 "reaches lower, sounds slightly softer yet cleaner. Also, the bass can be adjusted to the room requirements. Worth every Cent!” Result: “Outstanding"

    Xeo 6, AUDIO, October 2014

    "Very neutral and widerange-sounding floorstand speaker, distinguished character without any artificiality. Superior also in the bass, surprisingly power-stable despite its compact size, exact sound-staging."

    XEO 6 ..serious hi-fi sounds

    "...an ideal proposition for music lovers who want serious hi-fi sounds from minimal components."

    Xeo 6, Hi-Fi Choice 09/2014

    Xeo 6, stereoplay/Germany 09/2014

    "The wireless Dynaudio serves balanced, silky-smooth tonality and excellent transparency with effortless confidence, as if it's the most normal thing in the world to listen to a high-end-system without separate amplifiers or speaker cables."

    Price/Performance: Outstanding
  • Contour S


    Contour S Série

    Contour S 1.4 LE

    5/5 Stars in HI-FI Choice

    In the latest issue of HI-FI Choice, Andrew Simpson auditions the standmount loudspeaker, Contour S 1.4 LE and discovers “why the lure of the Dynaudio’s updated Contour standmount is more than skin deep”. He rewards the Contour’s allure with five out of five stars and a HI-FI Choice Recommended Badge.

    Contour S 1.4 LE review in Hifi Statement

    Contour S 3.4 LE

    Dynaudio launch new Contour LE - HIFI Wigwam

    “Dynaudio has proved to be a brand of impeccable engineering standards. Testament to this is the new Contour LE series, that promises the same dynamic and engaging sound that Dynaudio has become famous for. Aside from the aesthetic overhaul the Contour LE has also received an acoustic upgrade.”
    Contour S 1.4
  • Excite
    Excite family with Sub in Walnut Satin


    Excite Série

    Excite X18 in Black Satin
    Excite X14A in Rosewood Dark Satin on the stand

    Excite X14A - Audiostream review

    We are back with a new review. This time for the Excite X14A.
    Excite X38 in Rosewood Dark Satin

    Excite X38, Hi-Files Magazine, September 2014, Serbia

    ”The latest Excite truly offers many improvements and is seriously close to Focus series. Top music reproduction. Plenty of good bass.” Awarded with the ”Hi-Five Award”
    Excite X14 in white satin on the stand

    Excite X14, hifi & records 2013

    „Dynaudio’s new Excite series makes an amplifier’s life a lot easier.“

    Excite X14, What Hi-Fi? 2013

    “The new Excite series leaves an impression of real high quality”

    Excite X14, hifi & records 2013

    „Just listen to Johnny Cash or Leonard Cohen with the new Excite – it really gets under your skin.“
  • Classic BM Range
    Half profile of BM15A


    Classic BM Range Série

    BM5 mkII
    BM5 mkIII
  • Accessories
    Stand 6 family


    Accessories Série

    Half profile of Stand 6 in black
    Stand 6
    BM Compact MK II


    BM MK III Série

    BM Compact MK II
    BM Compact mkIII
  • Legacy Install
    Installation products


    Legacy Install Série

    Front of IP24

    IP 24, Heimkino 2004, Germany

    "It impresses with a sound stage one would never expect from an in-wall speaker."

    Philipp Schäfer
  • BM Series
    BM9S mkII


    BM Series Série

    BM9S mkII
    BM9S II
  • Focus
    Focus XD family


    Focus Série

    Focus 160
    Focus 380
    Focus 110

    Focus Series, stereoplay 2011

    "The only true artistry"
    Focus 340
    Focus 260
    Focus 360
  • Evidence
    Evidence group


    Evidence Série

    Evidence Platinum in Black Piano Lacquer
    Evidence Platinum

    Evidence Platinum, TONE Audio

    "With so much capability, the Dynaudio Evidence Platinums should be your last speaker purchase."

    Evidence Platinum, Audiotechnique 2013

    “…Wow! The sound had never been so true and the 3D sound stage had never been so vivid!"

    Lincoln Cheng

    Evidence Platinum, image hifi 2013

    “…a loudspeaker so overwhelming like I've never experienced before.": Editor-in-chief and high-end-audio enthusiast Uwe Kirbach reviewed the Evidence Platinum in image hifi 2/2013”

    SoundStage! HiFi

    “…the Dynaudio Evidence Platinums sounded completely wonderful. Just as I’d hoped they eventually would, the speakers gave me a magical listening experience.”

    Sven Bilé


    „Regardless of your wallet's comfort level, I recommend strongly that you audition the Dynaudio Evidences when shopping for speakers. Their fit'n'finish must be seen, and their big, tall soundstage has to be heard to appreciate how high a flagship speaker's reach for the stars can be. Of course, if your Internet company has just gone public and you simply must own a flagship speaker, look no further than the Evidence.
    Dynaudio’s Evidence: The world’s best speaker?”

    Larry Greenhill
  • Sub


    Sub Série

    Sub 250 II in walnut satin
    250 II

    Sub 250, STEREO 2008, Germany

    „The most honest subwoofer in this group test – more than just pumping out low frequencies”
  • Confidence


    Confidence Série

    Confidence C4 Platinum in Mocca High Gloss
    C4 Platinum
    Confidence C1 Signature
    Confidence C1 Platinum in Mocca High Gloss
    C1 Platinum
  • DM


    DM Série


    DM 2/6, What Hifi Awards 2010

    „Looking for a small, yet still powerful sounding speaker? Dynaudio’s new entry-level standmounter, the DM 2/6, is it.“
  • Consequence
    Front of Consequence UE in Wengé Satin


    Consequence Série

    Front of Consequence UE in Rosewood Satin
    Consequence Ultimate Edition