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Keeping the customer in focus
Our customers are our actual employers. So "the customer" will always be our primary focus, when we communicate with our suppliers, in sales and in all of our individual departments. Thus, our customers will remain satisfied throughout the process.

We conduct our business with respect for the environment. Our focus is both internal and external. To us, environment means sorting and recycling as well as taking our social responsibility seriously and looking after each other. Our employees are aware of our environmental policy and act accordingly.

Willingness to change
We are open and positive towards new ideas and initiatives. We constantly question whether we "do things well enough." We're ready to learn and continuously update our skills.

Our company will be made up of innovative and inquisitive colleagues. We will be at the cutting edge, using our creative and innovative competences to achieve the best results. We dare to take chances and try new paths. Our management listens to and assesses every improvement proposal. 

Our activities must be characterised by a positive tone, respect and happiness. We accept our differences and respect agreements. Together we strive to achieve the goals we have set. We all depend on each individual employee giving his or her best for Dynaudio.

Commitment and trust
We want our company to be characterised by professional pride and commitment. As employees we must possess an understanding of and an interest in the final product. We take responsibility for ensuring that we deliver a product that we can be proud of. Every time. We do not accept indifference or "good enough". We want a holistic understanding and trust that we are all very passionate about our individual tasks.

We will deliver the best sound and provide our customers with pure sound experiences. In our quality work we employ international standards (TS16949), which ensures very high quality in our processes. We will always strive to create the best processes and results